Absolutely delighted that Do Not Disturb was accepted into competition at the academy qualifying Cinequest Film & VR Festival in February/March which I attended to promote the film. The festival was a joy as always, a great mix of Bay Area hospitality and diverse film making almost exactly a year after we started shooting.
While I keep trying to find a  festival audience for DND over the next 12 months or so it’s time to start work on the next one, which will be a slightly longer short and even more ambitious, gods help me!


Do Not disturb is finished. Finally. Had some awesome last minute additions to the team, Jon Bruce from Edit123 in Glasgow got us over the line with a beautiful grade, composer Matthew Whiteside supplied some sublime music and Jack Coghill played a blinder with the sound design and mix.

So, on to the festival submissions, and on to more agonising waiting for news between now and December. Time to kiss this one goodbye for now and move onto a new project that’s been pecking at the inside of my head for a while.



A sleep-deprived man in a fleabag motel tries to end a couple’s feud next door but instead triggers a violent chain of events.

Black comedy-thriller Do Not Disturb is Chris’ second short drama and the four day shoot wrapped in February 2016. Produced, written and directed by Chris on a £12K budget the shoot, starring U.S. actor Lance Fuller and featuring Glasgow actor Johnny Austin, involved a month-long scratch set build of production designer Jenny Lööf’s dilapidated motel design, beautifully lensed by cinematographer David Lee.

Do Not Disturb is currently in post production and estimated to complete in June 2016.


Turn Of The Screw has been accepted into the 25th Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose. Huge congratulations to everybody involved! Screenings will be in the Camera 12 Cinema at the following times: Monday 2nd March: 2.30 PM  Tuesday 3rd March: 9.30 PM Friday 6th March: Midnight Cinequest is an Oscar accredited festival, and showcases premier films, renowned and emerging artists, and breakthrough technology. It was named best digital festival and a top 10 film festival  by the Ultimate Film Festival Survival Guide. CQFF’s blend of the artist and innovator gains focus through its Maverick Awards. Its Maverick Spirit Awards recognizes artists (Harrison Ford, J.J. Abrams, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Ben Kingsley, Kevin Spacey and Sir Ian McKellen are amongst the guest recipients). Cinequest presents a dynamic 13-day event of 200 international films with over 700+ participating artists and innovators from 50 countries in attendance. Over 10,000 artists have attended CQFF to date.


Turn Of The Screw is Chris’ first short film and tells the story of a man whose world is plunged into chaos by a loose screw. Produced on a micro-budget by Kate Munro and Chris Bogle, the team included Scottish cinematographer George Geddes and casting director Danny Jackson, and it was Danny who brought the wonderfully expressive actor Brian Vernel to the film. The film was graded at White House Post in London with sound being designed by new comer Lee Calpee. Turn Of The Screw is currently being submitted to festivals. More news soon!.


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